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We Have a New Guildmistress!

At Crown Tournement, Mistress Briony passed the torch to Mistress Vienna. Thank you, Briony, for your fine leadership and inspiring skill, and best wishes, Vienna, as you take on this venerable job!

Vienna is our 5th Guildmistress, as follows:

Mistress Anne of Hatfield - Jan. 12, 1985 to (unknown)
Mistress Gabrielle d'Outre Mer - (unknown) to (unknown)
Mistress Cellach ingen Chernaig - (unknown) to Oct. 1, 2011
Mistress Briony of Chatham - Oct. 1, 2011 to Nov. 4, 2017
Mistress Vienna de la Mer - Nov. 4, 2017 to present

(Nov. 4, 2017)

Upcoming Panels, Solars, Classes, etc.:

Please note:
— Panels can only be official if the Senior Member is assisted by two AT members of
          Journeyman rank or above.
— Solars are less formal gatherings with no panel.
— In the calendar below, Saturday dates are given for multi-day events where the actual day
          and time of the embroidery activity are not known. You will need to check each event's
          schedule for details.

Our Website Has Moved!

Because we are a chartered East Kingdom guild (and to save money) we moved from private hosting onto the kingdom servers.
Several features of our old website need to be rebuilt on the new one, namely our photo gallery, and the Senior Member Contacts page. (March 1, 2016)

Our 30th Anniversary Celebrations

At East Kingdom 12th Night in AS XIX, their Majesties Hanno and Kunnegunda were presented with a petition to start a kingdom guild dedicated to the research and practice of embroidery. So, as of 12th Night AS XLIX – January 17, 2015 – our Guild will be 30 years old! Planned celebrations so far include:

Then and Now Display – We have been granted some display space at 12th Night, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Show some of those old pieces – the ones you love, the ones you now look at and say “what was I thinking?”, the ones you never finished... And bring some of your recent work as well. We want to show off what wonderful artisans we have in this guild, as well as how our work has evolved, both personally and as a group, over the years. If you can, please do a brief blurb describing your pieces: materials, techniques, guild category, etc. And, if you dare, how old your “then” pieces are! Names should be included. Documentation 100% NOT required, but welcome if you want to bring it.

Challenges – Many of our Senior Guild Members are issuing challenges to encourage everyone to learn new techniques and broaden their knowledge. Some challenges will be long-term during the upcoming year, others will be "due" at specific events. To accept a challenge, contact its sponsor. For descriptions of the challenges, please visit the special Anniversary Challenges FaceBook Page or download this printable Anniversary Challenges Document.

Tokens – Senior Members will be giving out tokens at events, for excellent displays of needlework. These may be items entered in a display or competition, parts of someone’s clothing or accessories, or otherwise seen at an event! Each senior member will be giving out one (or maybe two) at every event they attend for the year. Be sure to show your stuff! Or even better, be sure to point out exceptional examples of embroidery you see to a senior member. The token will be a small owl, of the senior members’ personal preference, with an accompanying card.

(Dec. 14, 2014)

We are now on FaceBook!

Mistress Briony has set up a FaceBook Community for the Guild, for discussions, questions, sharing photos, etc. Please “like” us and participate!
(Feb. 11, 2013)

Guild Project: Wall Hanging

Lady Cellach (in Tir Mara) suggested a group project at Pennsic, and she now has kits and instructions available to give out to anyone who is interested in participating. She will be attending the University event on Oct.6, and Coronation on Oct.13, or the kits can be mailed. Please read her description, which follows:

Greetings to all embroidery lovers,
I submitted a project during a panel at Pennsic 41. The guild Mistress, Briony of Chatham suggested that I should present the project to our members on Athena's Thimble web site.
The project consists of a wall hanging that once finished will be presented to the East Kingdom Crown. The wall hanging is a picturial alphabet. The letters derived from 15th and 16th century wood blocks. They have been simplified by the author for appliqué technique.
We would work on 37 different blocks to complete the project. Some are letters, others are borders and separations. I thought it would be nice project to help get members more involved... One member, one block...What do you think ? Are you interested in participating?
If so, send me an e-mail to cellachdonn@hotmail.com. You can also phone me at 450-667-1292 (ask for Norah) I will send you the instructions and the kit. Thank you for your participation. ALL FOR CROWN.
Lady Cellach Donn inghean Mhic an Mhadaigh.
(Sept. 24, 2012)

New Calendar Feature!

Ygraine noticed that the Atlantian Embroidery Guild website just started using Google Calendar, so she figured out how to add it to our site — see above — and she has started entering information about upcoming events of interest to embroiderers.

Clicking on an item in the calendar shows details about it. Also, if you already use Google Calendar personally, you can easily copy an entry to your personal calendar. Give it a try!

If you want something added or changed in our calendar, or if you have any difficulty using this new feature, please send Ygraine a message! (See "Web Minister" on our Contacts page.)
(June 5, 2012)

Our Most Recent Competition:

Athena's Thimble held an embroidery competition at the Hrim Schola event on March 17, 2011 in the Shire of Quintavia (in Marlborough MA).

Please see the photos of the entries and prizes in our Gallery. (Link at left.)
(June 4, 2012)

New Guildmistress!

At Coronation, Mistress Cellach retired after many years of excellent service leading our guild. She is ably succeeded by Mistress Briony, who already has a lot of great ideas in the works.

Vivat to Cellach for a job well done, and congratulations to Briony!
(Oct.1, 2011)

Our New Photo Gallery is UP!

Check out the more than 450 pictures in our Needlework Gallery (link at left). All the images from our various gallery pages and links have been organized into "albums" by event or project, with the most recent ones first. There are more to come, and if you have photos you would like to share, please let Briony or Ygraine know. Many pictures have missing information, and we would be grateful if you would help us fill in the blanks — create a gallery account for yourself (see "Register" in the top right corner of each page) and leave a comment. We hope you enjoy browsing through the beautiful work of our members!
(Nov. 25, 2010)

Badge Pattern Available!

All guild members are encouraged to wear our unofficial guild badge. Click here to see a beautiful sample of the badge done by Lady Johanna le Mercer. There is also a pattern which you can download and print. You can display the badge on any item you wish. (Extra "points" to those who also display their competency beads on the same item!)